Multiple Histories Video Interview

Many ingredients go into Judith Shatin’s music. While it is informed by a deep sense of musical history, it is just as much a by-product of her profound desire to search for new sounds. It is also deeply inspired by history itself, but not as an artifact. Rather it is something that is malleable and very much alive, something that we in the present can continue to engage with to better understand ourselves.

Video Blog: Being in Time – Testing 1,2, Kinect!

The BIT (Being in Time) team convened in Old Cabell Auditorium at UVA to test the conductor gestural controls of the electronic sound using the Kinect Controller. It worked like a charm. Next up is testing the interactive video control using amplitude, activity level and frequency bands. And, of course working on our video content, inspired by night sky images from right here in Charlottesville. Stay tuned for more!