For the Fallen for Amplified Cello and Electronics (Consolidated into other version)

Instrumentation: Amp. cello & Stereo Electronics
Duration: 7:02
Commission: Madeleine Shapiro
Premiere: 4/4/13
Cellotronics, Madeleine Shapiro
Elebash Hall, New York, NY

Program Note:
For the Fallen, in this version for amplified cello and electronic playback, was commissioned by cellist Madeleine Shapiro. The sound of the amplified cello should blend with the electronics. The original version, scored for trumpet and electronics, was commissioned by Italian trumpeter Ivano Iscari, and premiered by him at the Mondi Sonori, XV Edizione in Trento, Italy.

For the Fallen was inspired by, and the electronics made from, recordings of the Maria Dolens Peace Bell in Rovereto, Italy. Originally cast from cannons melted after World War I, this bell is one of the largest ringing bells in the world. First built between 1918 and 1925, it was created to commemorate the fallen WWI, but is now rung every day to commemorate the fallen in all wars. While the political situation changes in the particulars, the topic is still all too timely. The original recordings of the bell were kindly provided by engineer Marco Olivotto, based in Rovereto. For more information visit –JS

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