Music of the Jewish Spirit

COZ 71: Marsha Dubrow Interviews Judith Shatin

COZ stands for Conversations on Zoom, and is a project of the International Forum  for Jewish Music Studies. These conversations delve into a wide variety of topics involving scholars, creators, performers and historians regarding all aspects of Jewish Music. Cantor, musicologist and composer  Marsha Dubrow, whom Judith overlapped with while doing graduate studies at Princeton, covered a wide range of aspects in her interview.  These relate both to the focus on Judaism as a theme in her music as well as her multifaceted approach to acoustic and digital media. You can follow the conversation here.

The picture above, by photographer Uri Baruch,  is of the area of Sde Boker in the Negev Desert, a mesmerizing region which Judith experienced while studying at Kibbutz Sde Boker before beginning her junior year abroad at Hebrew University. The landscape is equal parts formidable and beautiful.

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