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Purchase of a score or scores includes a lifetime license to perform them. Most scores are available in .pdf form, though a few are only available as bound scores. Once you order a .pdf you will receive a code via email to download the score. Downloads for ensembles such as choruses includes a license to print the number ordered. It does not include renting or lending the scores to others. If the piece involves a computer program, you will receive a zipped file for downloading, or you will receive a CD and/or DVD as needed. In addition, the performance rights for the music are registered with and licensed by BMI.

To arrange rental of performance parts for orchestral pieces, or for any other questions, please contact asst@judithshatin.com.

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  • Civil War Memories
    Order Civil War Memories CD @ $11.95
  • Clave
    Order Clave
  • COAL: Damn Min’ral Hunters
    Order COAL
  • Commonwealth Salute
    Order Commonwealth Salute
  • Doxa
    Order Doxa
  • Dreamtigers
    Order Dreamtigers
  • Elijah’s Chariot
    Order Elijah’s Chariot
  • Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee
    Order Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee
  • Fantasía Sobre El Flamenco
    Order Fantasía Sobre El Flamenco
  • Fantasy on St. Cecilia
    Order Fantasy on St. Cecilia


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