Judith Shatin portrait (with title)

I compose to explore, invent, respond, collaborate and share.

Composer Judith Shatin is renowned for her richly imagined music that seamlessly spans acoustic and digital realms.
Called “highly inventive on every level” by The Washington Post, her music combines an adventurous approach to timbre with dynamic narrative design and a keen awareness of the sonic landscape of modern life. Read more.


Kevin Lawence Performs Rising on the Wings of Dawn
Piedmont Duo Commissions Mariola
Denise Von Glahn’s Chapter on Ice Becomes Water Published
For the Birds on Sophie-Justine Herr’s Album :innen Drops on 3/8/24
For the Fallen on Wanchi Huang’s Imagining Worlds Album Out Now!
Commission for Canta la Sal for horn, cello & piano


Featured Music

Ruah — Flute and Chamber Orchestra
Flutist Renee Siebert with the Prism Chamber Orchestra


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Gazebo Music — Flute and Cello
Flutist Patricia Spencer and Cellist André Emilianoff


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Coursing Through the Still Green Solo Flute
Flutist Martha Coucell-Vargas

Gabriel’s Wing – Flute and Piano
Flutist Patricia and Pianist Linda Hall

For the Fallen – Amplified Flute and Electronics
Flutist Lindsey Goodman

Penelope’s Song  — Amplified Flute and Electronics
Flutist Lindsey Goodman