Electroacoustic Compositions

Adventure on Mt. Hehuan

Bass drum with optional interactive electronics (9:00)

Being in Time

Wind Ensemble & Electronics (10:00)

Black Moon

Orchestra and electronics (15:35)

Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai

Amplified clarinet and electronics (7:52)

COAL: A Folk Oratorio

Chorus, Appalachian Ensemble, Synthesizer, Electronics (90:00)

Elijah’s Chariot

Amp. String quartet & electronics (19:45)

For The Birds

Amplified cello and electronics (14:00)

For the Fallen

Trumpet and stereo electronics (7:02)
Also available for amplified cello, flute, soprano sax, violin

Gregor’s Dream

Amplified piano trio & stereo electronics (10:15)

Grito del Corazón

Flexible ensemble (solo and chamber) with electronics & optional video (5:11)

I Am Rose

Chorus (SSA) + electronics (3:00)

Ice Becomes Water

String Orchestra & electronics (13:00)


Amplified flute & interactive electronics (16:00)

Penelope’s Song

Amplified viola and electronic playback (9:05)
(Versions available for clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone, violin, or cello and electronic playback)

Plain Song

Piano and electronics (12:00)
Electronic source from readings by Charles Wright

Respecting the First

Amplified String Quartet and electronic playback (14:55)

Respecting the First (Amendment)

String Orchestra & electronics

Sea of Reeds

Amplified clarinet & electronics (13:45)

Sic Transit

Percussionist & Configurable Automated Drumming Machine (CADI)(9:00)

Singing the Blue Ridge

Mezzo, Baritone, Orchestra & Electronics (14:00)

Spring Tides

Amplified flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, interactive electronics (11:00)


Amplified tenor saxophone and electronics (7:00)

Tape Music∞

Any number of performers, several objects & electronics (5:05)

Terra Infirma

Soprano sax (or Bb clarinet), Bb Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Percussion & electronics (19:00)

The Wendigo

Treble Chorus (SSA) & Electronics (2:40)

Three Summers’ Heat

Mezzo or soprano & stereo electronics (17:30)

Zipper Music

2-4 amplified zipper players; 1 – 4 MIDI controllers (8+ min.)