Themes Compositions

‘Tis a Gift
Adonai Ro’i (Psalm 23)
Akhmatova Songs
And the Night Will Shine as Day
Aseret Makot (The Ten Plagues)
Autumn Way
Baruch HaBa
Birkat Kohanim
Black Moon
Canta la Sal
Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi (String Quartet Version)
COAL: A Folk Oratorio
Come Live with Me
Coursing Through the Still Green
Dust & Shadow
Elijah’s Chariot
Entreat Me
Fantasy on St. Cecilia
Fasting Heart
For The Birds
Gregor’s Dream
Hark My Love
Hosech Al P’ney HaTehom
I Am Rose
I Love
Ice Becomes Water
Ki Koleich Arev
Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin
Penelope’s Dream
Penelope’s Song
Plain Song
Rising on the Wings of Dawn: Violin or Viola
Ruah, Flute-Piano Version
Sea of Reeds
Secret Ground
Shapirit Y’fehfiah
Singing the Blue Ridge
Sister Thou Wast Mild and Lovely
Songs of War and Peace
Spring Tides
Terra Infirma
The God of Glory
The Jabberwocky
The Passion of St. Cecilia
To Keep the Dark Away
unter soreles vigele
vayter un vayter
We Bring You Peace
When the Moon of Wildflowers is Full
Why the Caged Bird Sings