Solo Compositions

Adventure on Mt. Hehuan

Bass drum with optional interactive electronics (9:00)

Assembly Line #1

Oboe (8:00+)

Autumn Way

Cello (2:48)


Piano (1:14)

Baruch HaBa

Voice (1:00)

Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi

Piano (21:00)

Coursing Through the Still Green

Solo Flute (3:00)

Dust & Shadow


Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee

Solo Voice (1:40)

Fantasy on St. Cecilia

Piano (16:40)

Fasting Heart

Solo Flute (8:00)

L’étude du Coeur

Viola (6:30)


Clarinet (9:00)

Penelope’s Dream

Cello (8:00)

Rising on the Wings of Dawn: Viola

Viola (7:00)

Rising on the Wings of Dawn: Violin

Violin (7:00)


Piano (3:05)

Sea of Reeds

Amplified clarinet & electronics (13:45)

Singing Still

Flute (5:00)

Sursum Corda

Cello (8:43)

To Keep the Dark Away

Piano (11:00)


Piano (8:30)