Solo Compositions

Assembly Line #1
Baruch HaBa
Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee
Fantasy on St. Cecilia
Fasting Heart
L’étude du Coeur
Penelope’s Dream
Round 3
Singing Still
Sursum Corda
Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai
For The Birds
Grito del Corazón
Penelope’s Song (Cello + Electronics)(Consolidated into other version)
Penelope’s Song (Soprano Sax & Electronics) (Consolidated into other version)
Penelope’s Song
Penelope’s Song (Vln+Electronics) (Consolidated into other version)
Sea of Reeds
Three Summers Heat
For the Fallen
Sic Transit
To Keep the Dark Away
Penelope’s Song (Flute + Electronics) (Consolidated into other version)
Grito del Corazón, Multiple Scorings Available, with Electronics & Optional Video
Coursing Through the Still Green
Plain Song
Dust & Shadow
Rising on the Wings of Dawn
Adventure on Mt. Hehuan

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