A Line-Storm Song

Performers: Mezzo Katharine Soroka & Pianist Nathan Carterette

Instrumentation: Soprano or mezzo and piano
Duration: 4:10
Commission: Ensemble for These Times/Jewish Music Commission of LA
Premiere: 6/11/16
Nanette McGuinnes, soprano, Dale Tsang, piano
Trinity Concerts, Berkeley, CA

Program Note:
Robert Frost’s poem, A Line-Storm Song, is a love poem, where love has been through a wild storm, and yet persists. In my setting, I have tried to capture something of the wistful, wild, urgent nature of the poem. It is a wonderful and rare experience, at least for me, to have text ‘speak’ to me in a way that engenders music. It is difficult to put into words, and my setting must speak for me. This song was commissioned by the Ensemble for These Times, through their Jewish Music and Poetry Project, with support from the Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles. Nanette McGuinness and Dale Tsang premiered it on their Trinity Chamber Concert on 6/11/16. I have slightly revised it since, with thanks to mezzo Katharine Soroka, who premiered the new version on 5/20/17 with pianist Nathan Carterette, presented by the Tuesday Musical Club of Pittsburgh. I dedicate this song to my beloved Michael. For additional information, visit www.judithshatin.com. –JS


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