Long Story Short

Instrumentation: Piano Trio
Duration: 4:45
Commission: Kandinsky Trio
Premiere: 1/26/13
Kandinsky Trio
Olin Theatre, Roanoke College, Roanoke, VA

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Program Note:

Long Story Short is a brief piano trio commissioned by and dedicated to the Kandinsky Trio on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary.  Music, whether specifically programmatic or not, as in this case, suggests narrative through gesture, dynamics, instrumental techniques, pace, tempo, and all of the myriad elements that contribute to the composition, its performance and experience. The title was inspired by the use of the term by a friend of mine who wants to get at the kernel of a story through a pithy rendition. The Kandinsky Trio asked for a piece that was inspired by or would comment on Faure’s Piano Quartet in C minor. There are references to this source in both the motivic design and formal arc, though they tell  quite a different story. For more information, visit www.judithshatin.com.­–JS

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