The following questions are intended for print and broadcast journalists in connection with interviews with composer Judith Shatin. These topics are designed to facilitate conversation with her and will make for a fascinating interview:

  1. Tell me about your compositional process. Do you like to start from an outside inspiration such as something you’ve read, or do you like to start with a purely musical idea?
  2. When you have outside inspiration, what draws you to the subject matter you choose?
  3. What is your favorite medium for composition?
  4. Tell me how you got involved with creating electroacoustic music.
  5. Your biography refers to your timbral exploration – what does that mean to you and how does it affect your music?
  6. Several of your pieces have decided political content, such as Respecting the First for amplified string quartet and electronics made from readings of and about the First Amendment – tell me about how that work came about. And how did your orchestral work Jefferson, In His Own Words happen?
  7. Are there any works that you haven’t yet written that would be a sort of dream project for you?
  8. Tell me about your current projects. What compositions are you currently working on?
  9. Do you like the CD recording process?
  10. How are you responding to the changing face of classical music in the 21st century?

All press inquiries should be directed to Jeffrey James Arts Consulting at 516-586-3433 or