Skool Supplies

Skool Supplies , a group of students from Sabot Point School in Richmond, plays Everyday Music inspired by their experience with me, and sent this delightful video as a thank-you! We worked together on my Tape Music Infinity piece, for any number of participants and stereo electronics made from recordings of myself tearing, squashing, snapping, and otherwise messing around with different types of tape, including duct tape, packing tape, and many other types. Children from the 4th and 5th-grade premiered the piece with myself conducting at the Third Practice Festival at the University of Richmond on 11/2/13. Kerry Mills, Director of Beyond the Classroom, and teachers Marla Wilson and Melanie Nan were key to the success of the project. Composer Joe Adkins also assisted, and will soon release a documentary about the project. I had a marvelous time working with these lively students,to whom the piece is dedicated. It was a great opportunity to teach them about such musical elements as texture, volume, and dynamics; how to coordinate a performance; and, most importantly, about experiencing the music of the world around us. And, they contributed as well, dreaming up even more actions to do with two rolls of tape, a cardboard box, and a blunt pencil! from Judith Shatin on Vimeo.

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