Three Summers Heat (Draft – Consolidated into other version)

Excerpt: “I Remember Desire”

Instrumentation: Soprano (or mezzo), flute, viola and harp
Duration: 18:00
Premiere: 3/4/06
Azure Ensemble
Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre, New York, NY

Program Note:
Three Summers Heat, inspired by the sultry seasonal lyrics of fifth-century Chinese poet Tzu-yeh. was originally scored for mezzo and electronics. This new version is scored for soprano, flute, viola and harp. Tzu-Yeh’s images of summer are brief but telling. The seven poems range from the first, “Just Now the Sea-Green Banners Fly,” a joyous welcome to summer, to the second, “It’s Midsummer,” laconic, with shimmering images of heat on a summer lake to the third, “Light Clothes, Few Clothes,” by turns sardonic, complaining and flirting. After going through a variety of other moods, the seventh, “T’ung Trees,” celebrates the fertility of summer while mourning its brevity. The original composition was commissioned by the Barlow Foundation for the Sistrum Ensemble, and was premiered at the Bourges Synthèse Festival, and subsequently the wonderful soprano Susan Narucki later recorded it for a CD of music from UVA’s Virginia Center for Computer Music on the Centaur label (08601). The English translations, by Lenore Mayhew and William McNaughton, are used with permission from the Charles E. Tuttle Company. The sampled Chinese texts were recited by University of Virginia Professor Anne Behnke Kinney and the English by singer Marilyn Boyd DeReggi. For more information visit –JS

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