Trace Elements for Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion

Playing with Resonance

Ensemble Berlin Piano Percussion has commissioned Trace Elements, for two piano and two percussion. I had a wonderful time in June, 2014, rehearsing with them in in Berlin, with the kind support of the American Embassy. And, I returned for the premiere at the Konzerthaus in Berlin on December 9. Having studied percussion semester with our ace percussion faculty, I-Jen Fang, I had an extensive opportunity to try out all kinds of techniques. And between the two of us, we came up with some that neither anticipated – one of the reasons why I love the collaborative process. While I’ve already composed numerous pieces with percussion, I value as much tactile instrumental sense as possible. And I-Jen and I both enjoyed experimenting with every possible mallet, instrument, and performance mode. The performance was a success, as was the pleasure of working with these extraordinary musicians. And, of course it is always fascinating to visit Berlin, with its complex history and vibrant present.