Being in Time

World Premiere: University of Virginia Wind Ensemble, conducted by William Pease


Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble & Electronics
Duration: 10:00
Commission: University of Virginia
Premiere: 4/26/15
UVA Wind Ensemble, William Pease, Conductor
Old Cabell Auditorium, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

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Program Note:

Being in Time, scored for Wind Ensemble and electronics, explores an expanded musical world made possible by the combination of acoustic instruments and their colorful electronic transformation. One of the extraordinary aspects of music is that while listening we are in time but often feel outside of it, focused on the sonic/emotional experiences we are having. Being in Time, with the implied linking of time and place led Shatin to create the electronics by processing recordings she made of UVA Wind Ensemble members. She transformed them using a variety of digital techniques, creating textures ranging from glowing dark to sparkling bright in ways that partner with the instrumental music of the full ensemble. Being in Time was sponsored by a Faculty Research Grant in the Arts at the University of Virginia. It is scored in one ten-minute movement and is dedicated to the UVA Wind Ensemble and their conductor William Pease. –JS

Read the backstory of Being in Time. Also, see the video of the world premiere!     

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