Rising on the Wings of Dawn

When I was approached to compose a short piece for violinist Wendy Case, I  immediately thought of Psalm 139.  I had been partial to it for quite some time, and previously set verses from it for soprano and organ in a piece named for another of its images: And Night Will Shine As Day. It seemed especially apt while the Covid pandemic was raging and we were in a time of   great sorrow. Psalm 139 speaks of the intimacy of being known by God through beautiful images. This time I chose Rising on the Wings of Dawn. I with a piece that embodies a rising shape in its overall structure, its melodic design and the prominence of harmonics. The overtone series itself is a wonder in its magical vibration as a whole and whose individual harmonics have a glowing shimmer. Collaborating with violinist Wendy Case in exploring the various timbral shadings was a joyful, comforting experience itself during these dark days and I have dedicated the piece to her.


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