Instrumentation: Tenor saxophone and stereo electronics
Duration: 7:00
Premiere: 10/20/16
Susan Fancher, saxophone
TechnoSonics: Transmission, Old Cabell Auditorium
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

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Program Note:

Storm, scored for amplified tenor sax and electronics, is a piece inspired by the political storms raging throughout the world: extremism of all sorts, and the anguish they provoke. I think of Goya. It is not a time of light. The electronics wail for the most part, as does the saxophone. Still, music gives us the chance to reflect and to connect. And, just as meteorological storms eventually end, I wanted to imagine the possibility of peace. The music moves from chaos and keening to at least a whisper of that hope. Storm was composed in celebration of composer Amnon Wolman’s 60th birthday. For additional information, visit –JS

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