Compositions: Chamber

Instrumentation: Piano Trio Duration: 4:45 Commission: Kandinsky Trio Premiere: 1/26/13 Olin Theatre; Roanoke College Roanoke, VA Program Note: Long Story Shortis a brief piano trio commissioned by and dedicated to the Kandinsky Trio on the occasion of their 25thAnniversary.  Music, whether specifically programmatic or not, as in this case, suggests narrative through gesture, dynamics, instrumental techniques, pace, tempo, and all of the myriad elements ...

Amplified piano and percussion (8:15)

Soprano or Mezzo and Piano (4:10)

Soprano or Mezzo, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano (13:10)

Soprano or mezzo and piano (13:10)

Flute, Bb clarinet, tenor sax, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion (9:45)

Viola and piano (6:10)

Flute and guitar (13:45)

2 Trpt, 2 trmb, tuba or 2 trpt, 2 trmb, horn (9:45)

Violin and piano or Violin, viola, cello, contrabass and piano (19:00)

Flute and piano (9:00)

Flute and cello (6:00); Purchase from Arsis Press

Solo viola, string quartet, piano *(18:00)

Amp. piano trio & stereo electronics (10:15)

Instrumentation : 2 Trumpets (Bb) and 2 snare drums (2:00)

Violin and piano (18:00)

Piano Trio (15:00)

Percussion Quintet (battery percussion) (6:30)

Soprano, flute and piano (1:00)

Trumpet, bassoon, piano (15:00)

Oboe and English Horn (3:45)

Vocal quartet and piano 4-hands (19:00)

Instrumentation: Brass Quintet Fanfare

Wind quintet and piano (18:00)

Instrumentation: Violin, viola, clarinet, bass clarinet

Flute and Piano (23:00)

Piano Quartet (8:25)

Flute, clarinet, violin, cello (14:00)

Female vocal quartet (or chorus) + harp (18:00)

Instrumentation: Soprano and viola, also available for soprano and clarinet

Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola Cello

Arsis Press

Soprano and Piano (1:30)

Shofar (Yemenite style, Eb pitch), 3 hrns, 2 trpts, 2 trmbs, timpani (9:00)

Instrumentation: String Quartet

Soprano (or mezzo), flute, viola and harp (18:00)

Instrumentation Soprano, Flute, Viola, Harp Duration 19:00

Oboe and 2 percussion (2 bongos, 3 rototoms, tambourine, 2 timables, large and small brake drum, medium tamtam and bow)(2 bongos, claves, flexatone and bow, 1 maraca, slapstick, 5 temple blocks 2 tomtoms, vibraslap) (9:30)

Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

  Instrumentation: Perc 1 (2 toms (lo/hi), snare drum, 2 timbales (lo/hi), large gong, ride cymbal (18″) and bow, triangle), Perc 2 (bass drum, 2 congas (lo, med), 2 bongos (lo/hi), ride cymbal (20″) and bow, 4 claves (lo to hi)) Duration: 11:00 Commission: Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion Premiere: 12/09/14 Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion Konzerthaus, Project USA – Teil II, Berlin, Germany Program Note: The title, Trace Elements, refers both ...

Instrumentation: Bass (or Bass-baritone), clarinet, cello, piano

Instrumentation: Piano Trio

Instrumentation: Soprano and english horn (or alto flute, or clarinet, or viola)

Flute (dbl picc), clarinet, violin, cello, piano (8:20)

Wind Quintet (12:00)