• ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple
    SATB Chorus (2:30)
  • ‘Tis You
    SSA Chorus, String Quartet (optional), Piano (6:00)
  • ‘Tis You
    It was a joy composing ‘Tis You, a setting of Amy Lowell’s poem, Listening, for the Voorhees Choir of Douglass College conducted by Brandon Williams. They premiered it on 12/3/17, at 4:45 p.m. during the traditional Yule Log Ceremony at the Voorhees Chapel on the Douglass College campus, as part of the College Centennial celebrations. …
  • ‘Tis You: Music for Douglass College Centennial
    I composed ‘Tis You, a setting of Amy Lowell’s poem, Listening, for the Centennial of Douglass College. Created for the Voorhees Choir, in my day the women’s chorus of Douglass (now of Rutgers University), the premiere takes place on 12/3/17 during the Yule Log Ceremony at the Voorhees Chapel on the Douglass campus.
  • 10th Anniversary Commission and Recording: UVA Percussion Ensemble
    The UVA Percussion Ensemble, led by I-Jen Fang, has commissioned a percussion quintet
  • 1492
    “…interesante uso de los silencios para que todo cree unaconversacion entre los instrumentos perfectamente bien balanceados.” –El Nuevo Dia
  • 1492
    Amplified piano and percussion (8:15)
  • 2012 Virginia Women in History
    3/29/12 6:00 PM–8:00 p.m. The Library of Virginia Lecture Hall & Lobby 800 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23219
  • A Line-Storm Song
    Soprano or Mezzo and Piano (4:10)
  • A Little Water Music
    Electronic playback
  • A Natural: The Atlantic Center for the Arts
    I had the great pleasure of serving as a Master Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL, from 5/10 – 6/1/13. The Center is the marvelous brainchild of sculptor Doris Leeper and is set in gorgeous natural surroundings, with boardwalks used to connect the buildings. The staff is terrific ...
  • Adonai Ro’i
    SATB Chorus (2:00)
  • Adventure on Mt. Hehuan
    Instrumentation: Solo bass drum with optional interactive electronics Duration: 9:00 Premiere: 11/18/2021 TechnoSonics XXI University of Virginia Adventure on Mt. Hehuan (Mountain of Joy in Chinese) is named for a mountain in Taiwan, where percussionist I-Jen Fang grew up. It is scored for solo bass drum and optional interactive electronics and is dedicated to Ms. Fang, with whom…
  • Adventure on Mt. Hehuan for Bass Drum & Optional Interactive Electronics
    Hehuanshan (Mountain of Joy), is scored for solo bass drum and optional interactive electronics. It is dedicated to ace percussionist I-Jen Fang.
  • Akhmatova Songs
    Soprano or Mezzo, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano (13:10)
  • Akhmatova Songs
    “Judith Shatin’s powerful Akhmatova Songs are luminous settings of three poems by the iconic Russian poet. While handsomely contrasting in mood, all three songs boast crystalline text settings and an ear for darkly glittering instrumental sonorities. The arresting second song, All Is Plundered, speaks of how the void left by an unnamed catastrophe is filled ...
  • Akhmatova Songs-Vocal/Pno (Consolidated into other Akhmatova Songs post)
    Soprano or mezzo and piano (13:10)
  • Alleluia
    SATB Chorus + brief soprano solo (4:00)
  • Alleluia
    “The composer’s notes on this piece, a three-and-a-half minute elaboration of the word “Alleluia,” associate it with the September 11 terrorist attacks, saying that her intent is “to express a blend of comfort and defiance, to sing against the dark, but in knowledge of it.” Although the tempo indication is “Gently,” I find the effect ...
  • Amulet
    SSA Chorus (1:12)
  • And the Night Will Shine as Day
    Soprano and organ (6:00)
  • Arche
    Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (17:00)
  • Aseret Makot (The Ten Plagues)
    Three-part chorus, flute, cello, piano (3:00)
  • Assembly Line #1
    Oboe (8:00 +, variable)
  • Atlanta Young Singers Commission
  • Aura
    Orchestra: 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,1, 3 perc, strings (18:35)
  • Autumn Way
    Instrumentation: Solo Cello Duration: 2:48 Commission: String Poet Premiere: 9/23/2014 Suzanne Mueller String Poet Studio Series Long Island Violin Shop Huntington, Long Island Autumn Way, for solo cello, was commissioned by String Poet , an online journal with a Studio Series hosted by the Long Island Violin Shop in Huntington, NY. String Poet ran a poetry competition and paired…
  • Bagatelle
    Piano (1:14)
  • Baruch HaBa
    Voice (1:00)
  • Being in Time
    Wind Ensemble & Electronics (10:00)
  • Being in Time
    Being in Time is a piece originally scored for wind ensemble, gesture-controlled interactive music and interactive video. But, it is much more than that! With a $21,000 grant from UVA's Arts in Action program, this project involved a wonderful team. It started with my discussing the idea with my colleague Bill Pease, our director of bands.…
  • Being in Time: Arts in Action
    Being in Time is an Arts-in-Action project sponsored by the University of Virginia. Scored for conductor-controlled electronics, wind ensemble, and interactive video, it reflects a collaborative effort by team members from the McIntire Department of Music and Engineering School. I will introduce the piece on Friday, 4/18/14 at 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. at Open ...
  • Birkat Kohanim
    SATB Chorus (4:25)
  • Birkat Kohanim
    Michael Slon, Director of the University Singers at UVA, wanted to commission a piece for the ensemble that would be a Hebrew setting of the original Priestly Blessing. He had heard it at a friend’s wedding and was drawn to it. Since he knew some of my prior Hebrew settings, he approached me about this…
  • Black Moon
    Orchestra: (1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,6,5,4,3,2 (min) and electronics. (15:35)
  • Black Moon Commission
    Carnegie Hall commissioned a new piece to premiere on October 28, 2016 at Zankel Hall at Carnegie. Meanwhile, I gave a public presentation on the technology and tried  out some sketches, called Red Moon, at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York on March 5, 2016 in their CoLABoratory series. More details here. After the music ...
  • Blue Air
    Blue Air is a video collaboration by artist SoHyun Bae and composer Judith Shatin. They first met at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts where they were studio neighbors who were moved by each other’s art. The current project began with a conversation at SoHyun’s studio, with Judith recording her painting as well as their…
  • Capstone releases Piping the Earth
  • Carreño
    Piano/Mezzo-soprano (one or two players, 20:00)
  • CD Review: Tower of the Eight Winds
    CD Review: Tower of the Eight Winds
  • Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
    Piano (21:00)
  • Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
    3/2/12 8:00 p.m. St. Petersburg College; St. Petersburg, FL Pianist Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
  • Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
    3/4/12 8:00 p.m. Steinway Piano Series University of South Florida; Tampa, FL Pianist Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
  • Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
    This is a magnificent piece of piano music that should be in many, many pianists’ repertoires…”
  • Chai Variations on Eliahu HaNavi
    “…Judith Shatin’s music has been well received in the pages of this magazine, including by myself. I have commented on her strong ability to create a narrative pulse in her work, calling her a natural story teller. That quality is much in evidence in this large and compelling composition. Chai Variations takes its main theme ...
  • Chamber Music America Article on Judith Shatin by Kyle Gann
    Gann_American-Composer-Shatin_ChamberMusicAmerica-R This article is posted with the kind permission of Chamber Music America.
  • Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai
    Amplified clarinet and multichannel or stereo electronics (7:52)
  • Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai
    “…a new virtual landscape, completely natural and alive with a quiet serenity so powerful one can almost  smell the cherry blossoms…” – The Clarinet Review  “The quietude and spaciousness of Judith Shatin’s Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing are wonderful things. Cherry Blossom has rich and sumptuous electronics that envelope the clarinet in a blissful and dreamy sonic fabric.” ...
  • Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai
    “…a new virtual landscape, completely natural and alive with a quiet serenity so powerful one can almost smell the cherry blossoms.” – The Clarinet Review, Eric Mandat “Judith Shatin’s elegant Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai, for amplified clarinet and multi-channel audio…aptly evoked the sensibilities of the original art and was easily the best piece ...
  • Cinnamon
    Electronic music for film
  • Cinqchronie
    Instrumentation: Wind Quintet (7:20)
  • Civil War Memories
    Electronic playback
  • Civil War Memories: Inside out
    “Shatin’s Civil War Memories: Inside Out was one of the more compelling works. The audio electronically manipulates a short spoken text telling of the looted bodies of Civil War casualties. – The Miami Herald
  • Clave
    Flute, Bb clarinet, tenor sax, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion (9:45)
  • Clave
    “Clave sounds like a deconstructed West Side Story, capturing the tropical heat and playfulness of the bomba beat” – The Kansas City Star
  • CMS Regional Conference
    4/1/12 4:00 p.m. Christopher Newport University Ferguson Concert Hall Selah (female vocal quartet + harp, commissioned by Scottish Voices) CMS Regional Conference Website
  • COAL, A Folk Oratorio
    Judith & Miner at Eaglesnest Mine in Twilight, WV   That Little Lump of Coal, first song https://www.judithshatin.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/ThatLittleLumpOfCoal.mp3 As a composer, you never know what path will open up in front of you! When long-time collaborator and dear friend, pianist Mary Kathleen Ernst, approached me about participating in a large-scale residency project in 1990, I…
  • COAL: A Folk Oratorio
    Chorus, Appalachian Ensemble, Synthesizer, Electronics (80:00, can be excerpted)
  • Commission for String poet!
    The Journal String Poet has commissioned a piece to be inspired by the winner of its 2014 poetry competition. This unusual program combines a poetry prize with a musical response. The piece will be premiered in September, 2014 at the same time as the reading of the poem at the Long Island Violin Shop in ...
  • Commonwealth Salute
    Symphonic Band (3:30)
  • Composer-in-Residence 2012 Women Composers Festival of Hartford, CT
    3/7-10/12 Performances of Hearing the Call, Elijah’s Chariot & View From Mt. Nebo Lectures and Forums More Info
  • Coursing Through the Still Green
    Solo Flute (3:00)
  • Doxa
    Viola and piano (6:10)
  • Dreamtigers
    Flute and guitar (13:45)
  • Dreamtigers CD: Da Capo Chamber Players
    “Judith Shatin has a strong musical personality, an assurance made firmer by this CD; it’s a major release.” – New Music Connoisseur *** “There is an earthy, even primeval energy in such pieces as Stringing the Bow and The Passion of St. Cecilia that breaks from the shackles of formality. This music has both a savage roar and, ...
  • Drive-By
    Digital music
  • Dust & Shadow
  • Elijah’s Chariot
    “….the risk they run with an almost encyclopedic repertoire was more than compensated by the discovery of…Judith Shatin, of whom we appreciated a splendid Elijah’s Chariot.” – Il Gazzettino (Vicenza) “….More interesting was Elijah’s Chariot by Judith Shatin, which used the taped sound of the shofar (the rams’ horn used by Jews during a High ...
  • Elijah’s Chariot
    String Quartet and electronic playback (19:45)
  • Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee
    Solo Voice (1:40)
  • Fanfare – Time to Burn
    Judith Shatin, Kenan Professor of Music at the University of Virginia, writes music that is satisfyingly challenging, music that forces listeners to face up to their own perceptions of music, what it is and how it relates to other artistic disciplines.
  • Fantasía Sobre El Flamenco
    2 Trpt, 2 trmb, tuba or 2 trpt, 2 trmb, horn (9:45)
  • Fantasy on St. Cecilia
    “…Having commissioned composer Judith Shatin to rework her piano concerto “The Passion of St. Cecilia” into a solo version, Henry performed the new piece, “Fantasy on St. Cecilia” in its world premiere at this recital. Opening with spine-tingling lower register reverberations, the piece seemed little more than a presentation of slightly outdated ideas. However, any ...
  • Fantasy on St. Cecilia
    Piano (16:40)
  • Fasting Heart
    Solo Flute (8:00)
  • Featured Comp: Jefferson, in His Own Words
    Jefferson, In His Own Words, is based entirely on the writings of Thomas Jefferson, and gives an intimate view of Jefferson as both a public servant and private citizen. Excerpts 1. Political Passion 2. Head and Heart 3. Justice Never Sleeps 4. Freedom of Reason Perusal Score
  • Featured Composer at Chicago Electroacoustic Festival
    The For the Birds and I Am Rose, with text by Gertrude Stein, will be performed, with the former by Kyra Saltman and the latter by the CCPA Conservatory Chorale, conducted by Mark Crayton. Both will be on the 7:30 p.m. final program at Ganz Hall of Roosevelt University. Shatin will also give a series ...
  • Featured Music: Viola
    Featured at the 2012 International Viola Congress ” … musically riveting and brilliantly devised for the instrument...”  The Strad Doxa Score (viola & piano) Audio Excerpt: Doxa
  • Fledermaus Fantasy
    Violin and piano or Violin, viola, cello, contrabass and piano (19:00)
  • Follies and Fancies
    Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Piano (orchestrated version, with fl, bssn, vln, vcl, hpschd) (55:00)
  • For The Birds
    Amplified cello and electronic playback (14:00)
  • For The Birds
  • For the Birds
    “Judith Shatin’s For the Birds…is immediately appealing in its voluptuous blend of nature and electronics.” – Seen and Heard International Concert Review, Bruce Hodges
  • For the Fallen
    Versions for amp. clarinet, cello, flute, trumpet, soprano sax & stereo electronics (7:02)
  • For the Fallen
    The marvelous Italian trumpeter Ivano Ascari contacted me on the recommendation of composer Fabrizio Festa, a mutual acquaintance. Ivano was creating a program in honor of the centennial of World War I and asked if I would  contribute to this effort. I thought it was an important project and agreed. Whenever I create a piece…
  • For the Fallen for Amplified Cello and Electronics (Consolidated into other version)
    Amplified Cello and Stereo Electronics (7:02)
  • For the Fallen for Amplified Flute and Electronics (Consolidated into other version)
    Amplified Flute and Stereo Electronics (7:02)
  • For the Fallen for Amplified Soprano Sax and Electronics (Consolidated into other version)
    Amplified soprano sax and stereo electronics (7:02)
  • Gabriel’s Wing
    Flute and piano (9:00)
  • Gazebo Music
    Flute and cello (6:00)
  • Gazebo Music
    “Gazebo Music, Judith Shatin's flute and cello piece composed for an open-air performance, effectively evokes a nature scene without resorting to blatant pastoral imitation.” - The Washington Post "The second piece – just six minutes long – was Judith Shatin’s Gazebo Music for flute and cello. Written in 1981 as an American Dance Festival (Durham, North Carolina) site-specific accompaniment…
  • Gazebo Music
    I composed Gazebo Music, for flute and cello, while participating in the composer/choreographer workshop at the American Dance Festival held at Duke University in Durham, NC in the summer of 1981. There was an intense heat wave, and we were housed in dorms at Duke University with no air conditioning. We would  hang out on…
  • Glimmerings
    Electronic playback
  • Glyph
    Solo viola, string quartet, piano *(18:00)
  • Glyph – Chamber Orchestra Version (consolidated with other version)
    Solo viola, string orchestra, piano (18:00)
  • Gregor’s Dream
    Amp. piano trio & stereo electronics (10:15)
  • Grito del Corazón
    Any of the following, either individually or in combination, amplified: bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, mezzo, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, viola, cello, marimba, multi-percussion, piano + electronics and optional video) (5:11)
  • Grito del Corazón
    Judith Shatin’s Grito del Corazón combined washes of harmony in tape and saxophone ...with a video whose shifting shapes moved with convincing (and often disturbing) physicality. The music and video grew together over the course of the work – the sax into melodies, and the video into human and animal forms dimly emerging. Both music…
  • Grito del Corazón, Multiple Scorings Available, with Electronics & Optional Video
    Tenor Sax, electronic playback and optional video
  • Guest composer at the Aspen Music Festival
    I am so pleased to return to the Aspen Music Festival this summer, when Mehrdad Gholami will perform my flute concerto, Ruah, with the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, conducted by Timothy Weiss on 8/3/19. Originally composed for flutist Renee Siebert, who also recorded it, the concerto reflects my long love of the instrument, one of the…
  • Guest Composer, Aspen Music Festival
    Judith returns to theGregor’s Dream on their July 24th program in the Benedict Music Tent, together with music by Reich (Vermont Counterpoint), Respighi (Violin Sonata in B minor) and Mozart (Piano and Wind Quintet in E-flat major, K. 452). You can purchase tickets here. Judith will also give a talk for the Composition Fellows, and ...
  • Hark My Love
    SATB chorus and piano (3:10)
  • Hearing the Call
    Instrumentation : 2 Trumpets (Bb) and 2 snare drums (2:00)
  • Hearing the Call
    When the National Symphony contacted me to compose a fanfare as part of their  Hechinger series of 25 fanfares, I was immediately intrigued.  While the scope was limited to a duration of two minutes and a small subgroup, it sounded like a fun project. As I thought about these criteria, I was drawn to the…
  • Hearing the Call
    “….With the distinguished exception of “Hearing the Call,” a brief, effective fanfare in the form of double duet for two snare drums and two trumpets by Judith Shatin, this was an all-Beethoven program….” –Washington Post
  • Hearing the Call and Fantasìa sobre el Flamenco: St. Mary’s Brass
    “….Judith Shatin’s two-minute Hearing the Call – smartly, crisply scored for two trumpets and two snare drums – is the eponymous work for this collection, and is the perfect ceremonial attention-getter. She follows this work up with Fantasìa sobre el Flamenco for two trumpets, two trombones, and tuba (1998), a clash of bright and dark ...
  • Hosech Al P’ney HaTehom
    Electronic playback (11:10)
  • Houdini: Memories of a Conjurer
    Cello, piano, percussion (Theater Piece) (55:00)
  • House Music
    Electronic playback (3:08)
  • I Am Rose
    SSA + electronic playback (3:00)
  • I Love
    SATB Chorus (5:00)
  • I Love
    I Love was the direct result of a wonderful residency at Illinois Wesleyan University in March 2017, when I was invited as Featured Guest Composer for their annual Symposium of Contemporary Music an annual tradition since 1952! The residency included a concert of my music, a performance of Black Moon (orchestra + electronics) by their…
  • I Love premieres
    The Illinois Wesleyan University Collegiate Choir, director by J. Scott Ferguson, premieres I Love, with poetry by Gertrude Stein, on 3/2/19, First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL
  • Icarus
    Violin and piano (18:00)
  • Ice Becomes Water
    String Orchestra + Electronics fashioned from field recordings of glaciers (12:00)
  • Ice Becomes Water
    My music often reflects my experience of and concerns about the world around us. Ice Becomes Water is informed by the danger that scientists are warning about caused by human-induced climate change.
  • Ignoto Numine
    Piano Trio (15:00)
  • Ignoto Numine
    “The other recent piece here is Ignoto Numine, a fine 15-minute work by the intriguing Judith Shatin. The profusion of musical ideas is both engaging and splendidly controlled; and it gets a committed reading.” – San Francisco Chronicle *** “Judith Shatin is Professor of Music at the University of Virginia. Her quarter-hour, single-movement work explores ‘the mystery of ...
  • Ignoto Numine
    “…The direction is from simplicity to complexity, clarity to mysticism . Tension builds to a final coda where instruments can no longer contain it, and the players are forced to join in vocally. This is another intriguing piece, in another very personal idiom.”   –Fanfare  *** “The other recent piece here is Ignoto Numine, a fine 15-minute ...
  • Illinois Wesleyan University Symposium of Contemporary Music
    Illinois Wesleyan University has had an annual Symposium of Contemporary Music since 1952, and I am delighted to be the featured composer this year, with great thanks to composer David Vayo for his tremendous organizational efforts. It will be a packed couple of days, 11/16-17/17! I will be giving a talk on Thursday, 11/16 at ...
  • Interview and Review: To Keep the Dark Away
  • Ivano Ascari Plays Hearing the Call
  • Jefferson, In His Own Words
    “Shatin engages complex rhythms and timbre-play to create a fascinating palette of sound for what is essentially an orchestra-narrator duet. Maestro Steven Smith was attuned to this balance, and, just as importantly, to the shape of the music on its own….In the first movement, Political Passion, rhythms crackled like the fire in front of which ...
  • Jefferson, In His Own Words
    Narrator, 2 Fl (dbl picc), 2 ob (dbl Eng Hn), 2 cl, 2 bssn, 2 hrn, 2 trpts, 2 trmb, tba, tymp, 2 perc, strings (25:00)
  • Judith at the VCCA
    The VCCA is a working retreat for visual artists, writers and composers, and Judith has had a half-dozen wonderful residencies, composing pieces such as Glyph, Ruah, Amulet, Spin and several others. The VCCA is on a beautiful estate very near Sweet Briar College.
  • Judith in Miami!
    Judith gave a talk on her work at the New World School of the Arts on Wed, Jan 15, 12-1, followed by work with composition students. Thursday afternoon, at 3:30, she gave another talk at the Florida International University Lincoln Rd. Studios, followed by a concert on Saturday, at 2:00 p.m. at the beautiful For ...
  • Judith is Featured Artist for the Week on Radio Arts Indonesia
    Judith is featured Artist of the Week on Radio Arts Indonesia, Nov. 30 – Dec. 6.This is a great chance to check out the huge range of her music. Just go to the Contemporary page under featured, for several opportunities to hear her music!
  • Judith Shatin & Michael Kubovy: The Mind of An Artist at LOC
    Acclaimed cognitive psychologist Michael Kubovy  and I were invited to give a joint presentation on The Mind of An Artist as part of the Music and the Brain Series at the Library of Congress on 3/27/2009. The video is available below  and has already been watched close to 40K times. I have been fascinated by…
  • Judith Shatin Featured Interview, Journal of the IAWM, Vol. 25, No. 1 2019
    INTERVIEW “Timbral exploration and collaboration with performers lie at the heart of my musical life”: An Interview with Judith Shatin KRISTINA WARREN Judith Shatin is a composer and sound artist whose music engages our social, cultural, and physical environments. She is William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor Emerita at the University of Virginia, having retired in…
  • Judith Shatin one of top 26 Women Professors in Virginia
    Judith has been chosen one of the top 26 women professors in Virginia for her innovative work combining the sounds of the world around us, both natural and built, in her award-winning compositions.
  • Kairos
    Amplified flute, computer interface to run Max-MSP (version 5 or higher), foot pedal and stereo playback (16:00)
  • Kandinsky Trio commission
    The Kandinsky Trio has commissioned a new trio for their 25th Anniversary Season
  • Kassia
    The Kassia Ensemble commissioned Kassia in honor of their namesake, the 9th-century Byzantine Abbess, poet and hymnographer, and the only woman whose hymns are included in the Eastern Orthodox liturgy. She is also likely the first woman whose music has survived until now. Kassia is scored for the entire ensemble of clarinet, harp and string…
  • Kassia Ensemble Commission
    The Kassia ensemble commissioned the first piece composed for their entire sparkling ensemble of clarinet, harp and string quintet, and I have responded with Kassia,  inspired by the 9th-century abbess, poet and hymnographer. She is the only woman whose music is included in the Eastern Orthodox Church liturgy, and likely the first woman whose music has survived until…
  • Khamsa
    Percussion Quintet (battery percussion) (6:30)
  • Ki Koleich Arev
    Soprano, flute and piano (1:00)
  • L’etude du Coeur
    "Two works by Judith Shatin, her LíÈtude du Coeur for Solo Viola (1984) and her Doxa for Viola and Piano (a world premiere; both are dedicated to Glyde) proved musically riveting and brilliantly devised for the instrument." - The Strad "This six-minute work is filled with beautiful sonorities and harmonies and excellently exploits the tonal…
  • La Frontera
  • La Frontera
  • Library of Congress – Mind of the Artist
  • Long Story Short
    Piano Trio (4:45)
  • Lost Angels
    Trumpet, bassoon, piano (15:00)
  • Love Song
    Oboe and English Horn (3:45)
  • Lyrics Quartet Plays Elijah’s Chariot
    here. It has received lots of warm response, including this from Jazz Weekly: “The closing “Elijah’s Chariot” with The Cassatt String Quartet and electronics ends the album as a true Baal buster with lots of moments that are both cerebral and visceral.” –George W. Harris
  • L’étude du Coeur
    Viola (6:30)
  • Marvelous Pursuits
    Vocal quartet and piano 4-hands (19:00)
  • Master Artist, ACA
    Judith served as  Master Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts  May 12-June 2, 2013, working with an exciting group of Associate Artists. Writer Geoff Dyer and Performance Artist Cosco Fusco are the other Master Artists for this residency.
  • Meridians
    Clarinet (9:00)
  • Monument in Brass
    Brass Quintet Fanfare (5:00)
  • Multiple Histories Video Interview
    Many ingredients go into Judith Shatin’s music. While it is informed by a deep sense of musical history, it is just as much a by-product of her profound desire to search for new sounds. It is also deeply inspired by history itself, but not as an artifact. Rather it is something that is malleable and ...
  • Narcissus and Kairos: Music for Flute
    "Gabriel's Wing (1989) for flute and piano opens with the flutist singing and playing the same pitch. This odd combination makes the listener wonder just what he's hearing. It is an intense, dramatic piece primarily for solo flute, supported by the piano. It is one of the most gripping flute pieces I've heard, and in…
  • New Music Box
    New Music Box interview with Frank J. Oteri (video) : Judith Shatin’s Multiple Histories
  • New Music Connoisseur Interview Vol. 12 3&4
  • New Music Connoisseur Vo. 12 #1&2, Piping the Earth
  • Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin
    “…Judith Shatin’s childlike round “Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin” … sweetly echoes the spinning of the Hanukkah dreidel.” – Michael Barnes, Austin American-Statesman
  • Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin
    Three-part chorus with optional piano accompaniment (3:00, variable repetition)
  • Ockeghem Variations
    Wind quintet and piano (18:00)
  • Ockeghem Variations
    “…Judith Shatin… writes in the most advanced style among these five works (using, for example, a prepared piano), but her writing is accessible and sustains interest throughout. Her Ockeghem Variations is not really in variation form at all, but includes five self-contained movements titled “Lustrous,” “Ringing,” “Electric,” “Floating,” and “Resounding.” The work is based on ...
  • Ockeghem Variations
    “After the intermission, Ockeghem Variations received yet another excellent performance….The ensemble playing was both rock solid and quite beautiful. The variations – Lustrous, Ringing, Electric, Floating, and Resounding – were full of charm, jazzy exuberance, and moodiness….” –Susan Miron, www.artsfuse.org
  • Ockeghem Variations
    Ockeghem Variations has a history that begins in Amsterdam, where I was travelling with my husband Michael, and where I met  flutist Wout van den Berg, the director of the Hexagon Ensemble, as well as a couple of his colleagues. I knew of the group’s broad repertoire, and we discussed the possibility of my composing…
  • Opinion is Power
    SATB Chorus (3:00)
  • Patterns
  • Penelope’s Dream
    Cello (8:00)
  • Penelope’s Song
    Amplified viola & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)
  • Penelope’s Song
    When violist Rozanna Weinberger and I first began discussing a piece for viola and electronics, I started thing about possible jumping off points, something I always do when starting a new piece. It was then that the story of Penelope, wife of Ulysses, jumped into my mind, and I thought about how her story is…
  • Penelope’s Song (Amp. clarinet + electronics) (Consolidated into other version)
    Amplified clarinet & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)
  • Penelope’s Song (Cello + Electronics)(Consolidated into other version)
    Amplified cello & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)
  • Penelope’s Song (Flute + Electronics) (Consolidated into other version)
    Amplified flute & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)
  • Penelope’s Song (Soprano Sax & Electronics) (Consolidated into other version)
    Soprano sax & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)
  • Penelope’s Song (Vln+Electronics) (Consolidated into other version)
    Amplified violin & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)
  • Performance at the Foro Internacional De Musica Nueva Manuel Enriquez
    Pianist Misa Ito will perform To Keep the Dark Away at the XXXV Foro Internacional de Musical Nueva Manuel Enriquez inMexico City – May 26, 12PM.
  • Piping the Earth
    Orchestra: 3 fl (3rd dbl picc), 3 oboes (3rd dbl eng hn), 3 cl, 3 bssn, 4 hns, 3 trpt, 2 trmb, tba, 3 perc, timpani, hrp, strings (8:30)
  • Piping the Earth
    “Two new CD’s of music by Judith Shatin…offer convincing proof that she is a leading figure among composers in this country….Her mastery of colorful and imaginative instrumentation and subtle compositional technique are evident.” – C-ville Review “The evening’s high point came midway through the second half, with the premiere of Judith Shatin’s exuberant and captivating Piping the ...
  • Piping the Earth
  • Piping the Earth
    “The evening’s high point came midway through the second half, with the premiere of Judith Shatin’s exuberant and captivating ‘Piping the Earth.’ Vividly orchestrated and bursting with imaginative detail, the piece grabs a listener’s attention right from the opening moement, an ominous stillness in which a low wind can be heard creeping through the bassoons, ...
  • Piping the Earth
    “Piping the Earth is a colorful and crowd-pleasing piece that works well in many concert contexts. It was a great pleasure for me and for the Richmond Symphony to discover this score, and our audiences loved the color, sweep and drama. It comments nicely on other orchestral pieces, or stands well by itself.” ...
  • Plain Song
    Piano and electronics (12:00)
  • Quatrain
    Violin, viola, clarinet, bass clarinet (9:00)
  • Recording of Grito del Corazon on Bill Perconti CD!
    Saxophonist Bill Perconti has released a CD, Women Composers and Their Music for Saxophone, on the Centaur label, including Shatin’s Grito del Corazon, for alto sax and electronics.
  • Residency at UT-Austin: Adventures in a Sonic Wonderland.
    My residency, organized and with thanks to Dan Welcher, starts on Sunday, 10/1/17, with the performance of Being in Time for wind ensemble and electronics by the UT-Austin Wind Ensemble, conducted by the inestimable Jerry Junkin at 4:00 p.m. in the Bates Recital Hall. Originally scored for wind ensemble, conductor-controlled electronics and interactive video, this ...
  • Resident Composer, Bennington Chamber Music Festival
    The Bennington Chamber Music Festival of the East welcomes chamber musicians who are amateurs in the best sense of the word, and provides the opportunity to perform both traditional and contemporary music. They also welcome featured composers, who each spend a week in residence. Each creates a commissioned piece to premiere during the residency, and…
  • Respecting the First
    Amplified String Quartet and electronic playback (14:55)
  • Respecting the First (Amendment)
    Instrumentation: String Orchestra and Electronics Duration: 14:30 Commission: San Jose Chamber Orchestra Premiere: 3/29/20 San José City Hall Rotunda San José , CA Program Notes:  The first amendment, with its protections of speech, religion, the press, and the right of people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances, lies at…
  • Respecting the First (Amendment) San Jose Chamber Orchestra Commission
    The San Jose Chamber Orchestra, with their adventuresome conductor Barbara Day Turner, has commissioned Respecting the First (Amendment) for string orchestra and electronics made from readings of and about the first amendment. The premiere is coming right up on Sunday, 3/29 at St. Francis Episcopal in San Jose, CA. At a time when the rights guaranteed…
  • Reviews of Adonai Roi
    “Pieces like Michael Horvit’s Even When God is Silent and Judith Shatin’s Adonai Ro’i were beautifully shaped and provided a calm relief from the cheery folk styles.” – Joseph Dalton, Timesunion.com “Adonai Roi (Psalm 23) for a cappella SATB chorus was composed by Judith Shatin. It was written during the week after November 4, 1995 which ...
  • Reviews of COAL
    Premier Of COAL – Anna Larson: February 1995 ILWC Journal  It was Clara Boone’s idea to get up a carload of musicians and friends and take a Sunday drive out to Shepherdstown, West Virginia, to see the premiere of Judith Shatin”s new composition, COAL. The fall weather was exquisite, and as we travelled westward into the mountains, I ...
  • Reviews of I Am Rose
    “Luminous seems the best word to describe this piece. I Am Rose shimmers and lingers, using harmonic clusters and repeating rhythmic figures to create what the composer refers to as ” a kind of mantra.”
  • Reviews of The Jabberwocky
    “The Jabberwocky, by Judith Shatin, English text, ECS, 6977, TTBB a cappella. This fanciful, creative work is brilliantly conceived and constructed to the famous poem by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898). The piece opens with appropriate nonsense syllables on fast rhythms that must be sung with extreme accuracy. Humor is extremely important as you work to create ...
  • Rising on the Wings of Dawn
    Rising on the Wings of Dawn, for solo violin, embodies the rising shape in its melodic and structural design.
  • Rotunda
    Computer music video/film (HD or DVD available for presentation) (15:00)
  • Rotunda
    One day, in late spring 2005, I was sitting in my office, upstairs in Old Cabell Hall, looking at the flow of life on the Lawn. I had often been delighted by the feeling of life on the Lawn, and by the shifting weather patterns above it. But this time, I suddenly saw the scene ...
  • Round 3
    Trombone (variable duration)
  • Ruah
    Chamber Orchestra: 1111/111/str (23:00)
  • Ruah
    “Judith Shatin…shows a rich and disciplined imagination in her … Ruah (‘Air, Wind or Breath’) for flute and orchestra. In Hebrew, as in many other languages, the word for ‘breath’ is also the word for ‘spirit’ (which is the Latin word for ‘breath’), and Ruah is, in fact, a multifaceted essy on the human spirit, its windlike freedom of ...
  • Ruah
    “…is beautifully performed and recorded on the Composer’s Recordings label by flutist Renee Siebert….it is a multifaceted essay on the human spirit, its wind like freedom of movement and volatile changes of mood, summarized in the titles of the three movements: Soaring, Serence, and Impassioned. ” – Washington Post
  • RUAH
    I composed Ruah in 1986; it was premiered on 3/27/87, and I am writing about it in 2020! And yet, I remember it vividly! It was the summer of 1986 when I had a residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts about an hour down route 29 from my home in Charlottesville. I was…
  • Ruah (Draft – Consolidated into other version)
    Flute and Piano (23:00)
  • Run
    Piano Quartet (8:25)
  • Scirocco
    Piano (3:05)
  • Sea of Reeds
    Amplified clarinet, with pvc tube extensions, mics, and effects procesor (such as digitech tsr-24); Max-MSP version in process (13:45)
  • Secret Ground
    Flute, clarinet, violin, cello (14:00)
  • Secret Ground
    “…Judith Shatin takes an evident delight in the textural possibilities of sound, and her Secret Ground played freely with techniques for flute, clarinet, cello and violin. But Shatin never used effects for their own sake. This was highly inventive music on every level: hugely enjoyable and deeply involving, with a constant sense of surprise.” – Washington ...
  • Selah
    Female vocal quartet or women’s chorus + harp (15:00)
  • Selah (Draft – Consolidated into other version)
    Female vocal quartet (or chorus) + harp (18:00)
  • Shapirit Y’fehfiah
    SSA Chorus (3:00)
  • Shatin Composer-in-Residence 2012 Women Composers Festival of Hartford 3/7-10/12
    Shatin Composer-in-Residence 2012 Women Composers Festival of Hartford 3/7-10/12
  • Shatin Featured in UVA Magazine
    Judith Shatin is a composer, William R. Kenan Jr. professor of music at U.Va. and director of the Virginia Center for Computer Music. She is known for her dramatic music, ranging from choral and orchestral to electronic and multimedia.
  • Shatin interviewed by Ching Juhl
    Ching Juhl interviews Judith about a variety of topics: approach to composition, current and past projects. The interview starts with Wiilliwaw, movement 4 of Tower of the Eight Winds
  • Shatin Music Month at UVA
    Shatin Music Month Schedule
  • Shatin named as a 2012 Woman in History by the Virginia Library
    Virginia Women in History Poster 2012
  • Shatin to be featured Composer at Roosevelt University Electro-acoustic festival
    Shatin to be featured Composer at Roosevelt University Electro-acoustic Festival 4/12/2013
  • Shatin to serve as Master Artist, Atlantic Center for the Arts
    Shatin to serve as Master Artist, Atlantic Center for the Arts, May 13-June 2, 2013
  • Shatin’s Review of Comparing Notes: How We Make Sense of Music by Adam Ockelford
    Shatin_NMC_Ockelford-Review New Music Connoisseur, Vol. 24 #1, Shatin's review of Ockelford: Comparing Notes, How We Make Sense of Music
  • Shatin’s Rotunda Project in Huffington Post
    Now that the political struggles have settled somewhat at The University of Virginia, it’s time to get down to what’s really important at Mr. Jefferson’s academical village: The renovation of his beloved Rotunda.
  • Shatin’s popular Hanukah round available from Colla Voce Music
    Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin – Shatin’s popular Hanukah round, available from Colla Voce Music
  • Sic Transit
    Composing Sic Transit, scored for percussionist and CADI (Configurable Drumming Machine), was quite the adventure!
 CADI was created by composer-technologists Scott Barton, Steve Kemper and Troy Rogers, then students in the Composition and Computing Technologies PhD program at UVA. They founded the company EMMI, and have created several fascinating music performance robots. Steve set up…
  • Sic Transit
    Percussionist (2 Singing Bowls of different sizes, 5 temple blocks, med. sus. cymbal, 2 timbales, snare, 2 bongos, fingercymbal) and CADI (Configurable Automated Drumming Machine), (finger cymbal, high and low woodblock, high and low cowbell, tambourine) (9:00)
  • Singing Still
    Flute (5:00)
  • Singing the Blue Ridge
    Mezzo, Baritone, Orchestra (2,2, 2,2,2,2,2,1,2, strings) electronics (CD) made from indigenous wild animal calls (14:00)
  • Singing the Blue Ridge
    “Judith Shatin is a nationally-and internationally-known composer, recipient of many commissions and awards, and a professor of music at UVA. She has composed electronic music as well as music for conventional instruments and voices. Singing the Blue Ridge combines all these media with superb success.  It can be described as a cantata in four movements ...
  • Sister Thou Wast Mild and Lovely
    Soprano and viola, also available for soprano and clarinet (2:00)
  • Skool Supplies
    Skool Supplies , a group of students from Sabot Point School in Richmond, plays Everyday Music inspired by their experience with me, and sent this delightful video as a thank-you! We worked together on my Tape Music Infinity piece, for any number of participants and stereo electronics made from recordings of myself tearing, squashing, ...
  • SMC 2012
    Sound and Music Computing 2012 conference in Copenhagen features Judith Shatin as featured composer
  • Songs of War and Peace
    SATB Chorus + piano (also check out version for SATB + chamber orchestra) (16:30)
  • Songwriting Examples
    Examples from Judith Shatin’s Songwriting Class at UVA, Fall 2013 Ex 1: Christina Choi, Lie to Me, ©2013, All Rights Reserved Ex 2: Elizabeth Janus, Pay No Mind , ©2013, All Rights Reserved Ex 3: Alex Bryant, There’s No Sin in Cousin, ©2013, All Rights Reserved
  • Songwriting: Context and Creativity
    Teaching songwriting seems an oxymoron to some; don’t songs just flow? We know it’s true, as many songwriters tell us so. Why I’ve had that experience myself! And yet, having studied music since age 5, and barely remembering a time before I would run to our clunky old upright as soon as I woke up, ...
  • Sound and Music Computing 2012 conference featured Judith Shatin as invited composer.
  • Spin
    Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola Cello (6:00)
  • Spin
    “From a very simple initial concept, Judith Shatin carves a brief but very effective little piece, Spin. Scored for a sextet comprising flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello, Shatin explores multiple types of spin as applied to music, from chords that unfold and collapse back onto themselves through to dance rhythms that spin between ...
  • Spin
    “Judith Shatin’s Spin is a slightly jazzy piece that is light on its feet…”  – All Music
  • Spring Tides
    Amp. fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno, interactive electronics (Max-MSP5 or higher)(11:00)
  • Spring Tides
    “ The ensemble closed the program with Judith Shatin’s Spring Tides (2009), a rich evocation of the power of nature, with technical effects (creating wind sounds by blowing almost tonelessly into a flute and clarinet) giving way to lush textures that blended instruments with their distant-sounding electronic echoes.” – The New York Times
  • Storm
    Amp. tenor sax and electronics (6:50)
  • Stringing the Bow
    String Orchestra (15:00)
  • Stringing the Bow
    “ is a marvelously inventive piece, informed with a fine sense of musical logic and a precise knowledge of the special qualities of string instruments and what makes them sound good in ensemble.  The music showed a composer fully in control of her material at all points and attuned to what makes an ...
  • Study in Black
    Flute and Percussion (4:00)
  • Study in Black
    “Study in Black is a well written composition for flute and percussion and would require two mature and musical players to perform it. It would be appropriate for either a college flute recital or a percussion recital. The publisher is to be commended on the printing of the work.”  – John Beck , Percussive Notes
  • Sursum Corda
    Cello (8:43)
  • Sweet Harmony
    Soprano and Piano (1:30)
  • Tape Music
    Stereo electronics (7:14)
  • Tape Music (Draft – Consolidated into other version)
    5.1 Surround Sound Electronics (7:14)
  • Tape Music (Draft – Consolidated into other version)
    Quad Electronics (7:14)
  • Tape Music Session
    Here’s my take on Tape Music! I took packing tape, masking tape, binding tape, scotch tape, you-name-it-tape, and brought it to The Sound Studio in Charlottesville, where mic expert and composer Scott Barton assisted with the session, as did The Sound’s own Mark Graham. We used a bunch of mics, including Telefunken, Beyer and KSM, ...
  • Tape Music∞
    Small cardboard box, blunt pencil or similar object, packing tape on a dispenser with teeth, and stereo electronics (5:00)
  • Tape Music∞ at the Bakehouse
    There is something wonderful about the combination of low-tech & hi-tech, about participation that is open to all coupled with music made from the everyday world around us. Every time I conduct Tape Music∞, as I did last weekend during my portrait concert at the Bakehouse Arts Complex in Miami, I see a combination of ...
  • Tape Music∞: CHO Boys and Girls Club
    Tape Music∞: CHO Boys and Girls Club
  • Tape Music∞: Sabot School
    This documentary includes a discussion of Tape Music∞, clips from my work with the students at the Sabot Point School in Richmond, drawings they made in response to the piece, and the premiere performance at the 2013 Third Practice Festival on 11/2/13 at the University of Richmond. The piece can be performed by any number…
  • Terra Infirma
    Instrumentation: Sop. Sax.. Trpt., Trmb, Vln, Vla, Vc, Perc, electronics Duration: 15:00 Commission: Michigan Technological University in collaboration with the Great Lakes Research Center Premiere: 10/2021 Note: Image credit: NASA/JSC Program Note: The Great Lakes, formed from receding glaciers, and holding 20+% of the volume of the world’s surface fresh water, provide habitat for all manner of flora…
  • Terra Infirma Commission
    Michigan Technological University in collaboration with the Great Lakes Research Center has commissioned Terra Infirma, scored for septet (sop sax, trpt, trb, vn, vla, vc, perc) and electronics. The Great Lakes are a crucial source of water as well as critical habitat for a vast array of fauna, but both the lakes themselves and the creatures that…
  • Teruah
    Shofar (Yemenite style, Eb pitch), 3 hrns, 2 trpts, 2 trmbs, timpani (9:00)
  • Teruah
    “…performer Ronald Schneider played the visually more spectacular impala hord, which only lent to the grandeur of Judith Shatin’s Teurah,  a premiere commissioned by the ;festival and the Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles. Similar to her fascinating chamber work, Elijah’s Chariot, …Shatin wonderfully used the other instruments in Teruah  to extend the essence of ...
  • Teruah
  • test audio
  • The Best Angel in Heaven
    I composed The Best Angel in Heaven in memory of Sandra Santos-Vizcaino, the wonderful third-grade teacher at PS 9 in Brooklyn, NY who passed away from Covid-19.  
  • The Best Angel in Heaven, for Sandra Santos-Vizcaino
    I composed The Best Angel in Heaven in the cruel month of April, 2020, in memory of Sandra Santos-Vizcaino, the wonderful third-grade teacher at PS 9 in Brooklyn, NY who passed away from Covid-19. You can hear the beautiful performance by soprano Victoria Erickson and pianist Arlene Shrut here. 
  • The God of Glory
    SATB Chorus (4:45)
  • The Jabberwocky
    TTBB (5:45)
  • The Jabberwocky
    Typically, when commissioned to compose choral pieces, I spend at least half of my time researching possible texts. I love the process, but at the same time often find it frustrating! There are often copyright issues to contend with that are difficult to resolve. And even when not, there is such a huge trove of…
  • The Janus Quartet
    String Quartet (12:00)
  • The Jumblies
    SSA + piano (5:51)
  • The Passion of St. Cecilia
    Solo piano, 2 fl (2nd dbl picc), 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bssn, 2 tpts in C, 2 Hn, 2 trmb, 1 tba, 3 perc, strings (21:00)
  • The Passion of St. Cecilia
    ...Based on the legend of St. Cecilia, the piece uses the piano and orchestra against each other to depict the conflict between Cecilia and the society that condemned her, as well as together to express her calmer, meditative side. The coloristic effects, language and ideas are fresh and bold. has full grasp of her orchestral…
  • The Wendigo
    SSA (14:00)
  • The Wendigo (Draft – Consolidated into other version)
    SSA Chorus and Electronics (2:37)
  • Three Summers Heat
    Mezzo or soprano and electronic playback (19:00)
  • Three Summers Heat (Draft – Consolidated into other version)
    Soprano (or mezzo), flute, viola and harp (18:00)
  • Time To Burn
    Oboe and 2 percussion (2 bongos, 3 rototoms, tambourine, 2 timables, large and small brake drum, medium tamtam and bow)(2 bongos, claves, flexatone and bow, 1 maraca, slapstick, 5 temple blocks 2 tomtoms, vibraslap) (9:30)
  • Time to Burn
    Time to Burn reviewed in Croatian e-zine
  • Time to Burn – New CD!
    Time to Burn CD I am thrilled that my new CD, Time to Burn, has been released, and you can get it at Innova Recordings. The wonderful Cassatt Quartet bookends the CD with performances of Glyph and Eljiah’s Chariot. For Glyph, they were joined by outstanding musicians James Dunham (solo viola) and pianist Margaret Kampmeier. Elijah’s Chariot, ...
  • Time to Burn Ha-Aretz Review
    Ha-aretz review of Time to Burn CD
  • To Keep the Dark Away
  • To Keep the Dark Away
    Piano (11:00)
  • To Keep the Dark Away: A Favorite CD
    This album was the culmination of a long-term project. Gayle, my pianist muse since our days at the Aspen Music Festival and Juilliard, had discussed her desire to record a CD with some of her favorite Romantic-era piano transcriptions, as well as two of my pieces. To Keep the Dark Away was commissioned for her, ...
  • Tongue Twisters
    SSA Chorus and Piano (7:20)
  • Tower of the Eight Winds
    Violin and Piano (16:00)
  • Tower of the Eight Winds
    2/5/12 – 3:30 p.m. UVA Chamber Music Festival Old Cabell Auditorium, UVA Charlottesville, VA Violinist David Sariti and Pianist John Mayhood perform Tower of the Eight Winds
  • Tower of the Eight Winds
    “…Of Thursday’s two world premieres and Friday’s two D.C. ones, Judith Shatin’s Tower of the Eight Winds, in four movements for violin and piano, stood out for it’s acuity and engaging vivacity as music one would like to hear again…” – The Washington Post
  • Trace Elements
    2 Pianos & 2 Percussion (10:00)
  • Trace Elements for Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion
    Playing with Resonance Ensemble Berlin Piano Percussion has commissioned Trace Elements, for two piano and two percussion. I had a wonderful time in June, 2014, rehearsing with them in in Berlin, with the kind support of the American Embassy. And, I returned for the premiere at the Konzerthaus in Berlin on December 9. Having studied percussion ...
  • Tree Music
    Interactive Electronics, Wireless Camera (variable duration)
  • University Singers, with Conductor Michael Slon: Winter Tour, 2013
    The program features Judith Shatin’s Birkat Hakohanim (a setting of the original Hebrew of the Priestly Blessing, which begins ‘The Lord bless you and keep you…’), commissioned and premiered by the University Singers of the University of Virginia on 11/9/12. The wide-ranging concert also includes a movement from Rachmaninoff’s Vespers, Whitacre’s The Seal Lullaby, Frank ...
  • unter sorele’s vigele: Yiddish Song, YIVO Commission
    The commission from  YIVO for a song that used a traditional Yiddish folksong as a jumping-off point inspired me to compose Unter Sorele’s Wigele. This cradle-song was one of four options offered as starting points. I found the unsettled core motif of this one to be beautifully strange, as are the imaginative, elliptical lyrics. I…
  • unter soreles vigele
    Instrumentation: Mezzo and piano Duration: 4:00 Commission: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research Premiere Performance: 6/30/2020 Evolution Program, Facebook & Youtube Presented by YIVO, Center for Jewish History, NYC Program Note: When Alex Weisser, Program Director of YIVO (Institute for Jewish Research) in New York, approached me about commissioning a song that would take one of…
  • Upcoming Performances
    First up, on Monday, March 24, at 8:00 p.m. in Old Cabell Auditorium, pianist Seung-Hye Kim will perform a program of new piano music, featuring pieces composed at UVA. I’m delighted that she will perform the Charlottesville premiere of To Keep the Dark Away, inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson. We’ve already had a ...
  • USingers
    University Singers, with Conductor Michael Slon: Winter Tour, 2013 The program features Judith Shatin’s Birkat Hakohanim (a setting of the original Hebrew of the Priestly Blessing, which begins ‘The Lord bless you and keep you…’) Read More –>
  • Vayter un Vayter
    Bass (or Bass-baritone), clarinet, cello, piano (15:45)
  • Video Blog: Being in Time – Testing 1,2, Kinect!
    The BIT (Being in Time) team convened in Old Cabell Auditorium at UVA to test the conductor gestural controls of the electronic sound using the Kinect Controller. It worked like a charm. Next up is testing the interactive video control using amplitude, activity level and frequency bands. And, of course working on our video ...
  • View from Mt. Nebo
    Piano Trio (14:30)
  • View From Mt. Nebo
     View from Mt. Nebo, scored for piano trio,was commissioned by Garth Newel Chamber Players, an ensemble with its home base in Warm Springs, Virginia, on a sprawling estate of rolling hills. The concert hall is an intimate space in a reconstructed horse barn, lined with wood, with excellent acoustics. At the time I composed this…
  • View from Mt. Nebo
    “…View from Mt. Nebo, whose fervor recalls Shostakovich with a carefully wrought tension that raised more than bow hairs.” – The Washington Post
  • Violinist Wendy Case Records Rising on the Wings of Dawn
    Blue Griffin is releasing The Tiger and the Clover, a CD of new works by diverse composers for solo violin and violin and electronics featuring violinist Wendy Case. This includes my Rising on the Wings of Dawn for solo violin. It was a joy collaborating with Wendy during the compositional process and experiment with timbral…
  • Virginia Center for Creative Arts – A Wonderful Oasis
    I have been thinking recently about my multiple residencies (8 to be exact!) at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts (VCCA). They have always been amazing oases of creativity and inspiration. During my very first visit, I had one month and my goal was to compose a piece for solo viola, string quartet and piano. ...
  • Water Ways
    Electronic playback (1:00)
  • We Bring You Peace
    SATB (2:00)
  • We Bring You Peace
    We Bring You Peace
  • We Hold These Truths
    Chorus, brass quintet and timpani (15:00)
  • Wedding Song
    Soprano and english horn (or alto flute, or clarinet, or viola) (5:00)
  • Werther
    Flute (dbl picc), clarinet, violin, cello, piano (8:20)
  • Werther
    Revisiting Werther, which I composed for Da Capo Chamber Players in 1983, has caused me to think not only about the context in which I composed it, but also how my attitude towards Goethe’s novel has changed during the intervening years. When I composed the piece, I had just reread Goethe’s touching novel. And, then, ...
  • When the Moon of Wildflowers is Full
    Flute and cello (3:30)
  • Why the Caged Bird Sings
    SATB Chorus + Piano (4:45)
  • Widdershins
    Piano (8:30)
  • Wind Songs
    Wind Quintet (12:00)
  • Zamir Chorale Interview
    “…Part of the the Zamir Chorale of Boston’s series “Kolot Nashim: The Many Voices of Women in Jewish Music.” Prof. Judith Shatin discusses her career and her Jewish-themed compositions with Prof. Joshua Jacobson. The recording of Shatin’s “Hark My Love” has been graciously provided by the Milken Archive of Jewish Music ©Milken Family Foundation. The…
  • Zipper Music
    2 amplified zipper players with headphones for click track, Electronics performer for MIDI controlle with computer running MaxMSP, also mixer, stereo playback system
  • Zipper Music Digital Performance for NIME 2020
    Zipper Music, performed on  a UVA New Music Concert, included in the Covid-online version of  NIME 2020.   The conference was scheduled for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, but circumstances led to its on-line migration.